Atelier Dual, the event design studio were living nature metamorphoses itself with the skills of artful hands and floral design weaves with emotion.
Alexandru Graur and Alexandru Bobeica, co-owners and creative directors, manage to combine two styles, as different but so as unique, thereby fulfilling client's needs no matter the style.

Alexandru Graur, the beauty maker, brings in each of his projects his passion for fashion and visual musicality, converting the studio’s events into truly thematic stories.

Alex Bobeica, both technical and pragmatic, finds creative and groundbreaking ideas, focused on harmonic functionality, answering with enthusiasm to any challenge given.

Together they write stories, their passion for flowers being the common ground and having both the same goal: the success of the event. At the base of the floral studio stands their background of over 10 years of experience in the event business and a strong know-how, shaping successful, creative concepts, designed for private customers as well as corporate ones. Their love for originality, dreams transformed into reality, creating memories - are the main elements by which our designers guide themselves from!